Dorak - On the Road Again

Captain Hector,

The Carpathian town of Pogost Vel is safe. There was apparently a demonic pact made six centuries back and it took a tremendous effort on our part to slay the demon, but we did so. I enclose a sketch of the man, as it is possible that the creature or others like it can adopt this form, and the Explorer’s should be cautious of this figure.

The extra amusing part about this is that the demon was slain twice – apparently, a demon has the ability to summon one like it to this plane, and that summoned creature was the first slain of the pair. This was a cunning plan because it could allow us to battle the demon and lose while Phoenix, the actual demon, was seen defeating it. However, the summoned creature was sent off like so much brimstone infused rain when Kumori chopped the head off of it with Satori.

I do not recall exactly if Satori was the blade that slew the second demon – the elder father had reinforced Wolfgeorge’s blessing on Satori by blessing Kumori so his blows were incredible, indescribable, really. I think Satori is deserving of the title of Demonbane, though it is not actually so enchanted. Perhaps soon.

And that brings us to the usual – how I believe the party should be equipped. I know math isn’t your favorite past time, but ultimately it is important to understand so that the party is better able to handle the road ahead.

It seemed like Kumori and Smriti and I had one in three swings connect – this makes it imperative we get Ian a scroll of haste so we have more swings.

Speaking of swings, Smriti hit the most, since she has the most swings, but the creature’s skin was almost as resistant to her fists as it was to Ian’s electricity. Smriti is preparing to retrain her mind, to trade away her ability to leap and punch and leap for more oomph to her blows, I am of a mind to retrain myself also. While the idea of a feint is fantastic, the reality is less kind, and more chances to respond to my foes opening themselves up to attack is but one way in which I could better see my talents being used. Indeed, I don’t believe I even use my expertise in combat anymore, more is the pity. However, I could choose to gang up with Kumori and Smriti, making positioning less crucial, or try to learn how to maneuver in an agile manner, making it easier for me to trip or bull rush others. I’d even take a hide like iron or something, even a rogue talent, that is more likely to be of benefit to the party.

Oh, I forgot to mention – Eul was captured by the demon, so we were without divine aid for the first demon we fought but for a few moments when Kumori, who had been disarmed and was near death, withdrew to the priest, who healed him, and I tossed Satori to Kumori to protect the priest. I do claim an assist on the beheading, but Smriti could easily claim an assist on most of my glorious triumphs, and Kumori definitely claims assists on some fantastic triumphs. I believe, until we acquire haste for Ian, that Eul may be able to offer some form of religious fervor, but I’ve not discussed it with him yet.

My goals are simple: from what the village has promised, when we finish this quest to perform a ritual to undo the demonic pact and free the town from its curse, there will be 10,000 gold (or ruple equivalent) waiting for us, less the amount to throw a feast.

With the 15402 we have in barter and gems and coins, that’s gotta be close to 25,000 gold. If we toss in the 10,000 in diamonds from the High King, which I am feeling more is a good idea, we’re up 35,000 to spend, plus some odds and odds to trade off.

Items the party needs:

Level 4 spells: Dimensional Anchor, Black Tentacles, Secure Shelter, Control Summoned Creature, Moonstruck, Overwhelming Grief, Ice Storm, Enervation, Firefall, Obsidian Flow
Level 3 spells: Haste, Fireball

(At least, that is what I think Ian said, as he wanted non-lightning spells and spells that avoided spell resistance, but I am not sure if he was talking about any in his book already).

That’s 8,000 in spells for Ian.

Myself, I am going to trade my MW hand crossbow for a short bow and my ammunition for arrows. Ian has mentioned spending a few weeks somewhere and enhancing the belt I already have for 6,000 gold, which if we do that we really should do Smriti’s belt also.

If we do that, it’s 20,000 out of 35 spent and we’ve not given Kumori anything.

I’d try for further enchantment to my armor and Smriti’s bracers – I don’t believe Ian can help with mine, but Smriti’s he can definitely help. Another 4500 to 6000 to give each of us less likelihood we’ll get hit.

That leaves 9,000 to replace Kumori’s wakizashi with a better enchanted wakizashi. I’d imagine an actually flaming wakizashi wouldn’t go amiss, but there’s nothing like versatility, so I’d suggest a corrosive wakizashi, or perhaps a defending wakizashi. I have too much time to debate these things at night sometimes.

Naturally, I don’t know we’ll have great luck, and the town has said that some of what they offer may be in the form of goods, but I’ll have to see what the boon for our aid and frustrations is and adjust my plans accordingly.

My apologies that the report is fairly boring – the combat was not, but it’s tough to really describe the chaos we faced.

- Dorak
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Dorak - On the Road Again

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