Dorak - Rock salt

Dear Grandpa,

Just writing to let you know that I’m ok. Given the legendary exploits of my companion Smriti, and that we are headed away from civilization as we know it and into foreign lands, I hope that this letter reaches you before you hear of a party who was aboard a ship, returning from the Oracle and sailing into the East, whose ship had an elephant appear on it due to a relic, and who lost a few crew, including a dwarf, as a result.

It’s a doozy of a tale, but it’s so amazing that Smriti would be able to put the elephant off balance, I suspect it will be spread far.

Rocks was not the type of dwarf that I can really categorize – he was more like Morak than any dwarf I can recall, which may have lead to my general indifference to him. He was an Ironman, though, so you can imagine his attitude.

Anyway, I had to drop a note in case the story spread fast and the details got muddled.

- Dorak

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Dorak - Rock salt

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