Dorak - Shares of Loot

Dear Grandpa,

Forgive the Ancient Dwarven. I figured I’d refrain from spelling out the party’s wealth and resources in plain language.

Here’s my math. We currently have the following:

Gems Coins Goods
674 3541 3471

Assuming 1/2 price for the goods, that’s 1735 gp and 5 silver piece

This is equivalent to 1001 gp 7 sp 5 cp per adventurer or 6010.5 gp total.

The statuette is not counted, nor any poisons (which are harder to sell on the open market and I would not sell them to someone unreputable.)

That’s all the goods from before the swarm and spiders. I didn’t pay as much attention to the last leg but I know gems and other goods are in the hands of the party, I just don’t know who was carrying them offhand.

My shopping list is in the range of 33,000 or so, not counting the scrolls for Coatl, which means even with the statue, there’s a large gap between objective and resources.

However, there are at least the following unidentified items:

2 x Scrolls (Gnolls)

From my killer Pedro:
Studded Leather

The boots may be of use, so they may not be destined to be resold, but without knowing exactly what they are, I can’t count them either way.

I suppose I shall have to take up some time sorting this out before we travel. I don’t think we need to carry any mundane items with us further than necessary, and there may be a bonus to keeping the shields and armor local – possibly a merchant who left Villa Vicosa and made his fortune and wants a symbol of his roots and rise to fortune.

I shall have to also figure out what, if anything, Chrysos can do to help this – I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there is a saying about Ionians bearing gifts, and what is definitely a curse could be a godsend to help rectify my concerns about the resources we have.

Anyway, I think Kumori has the other goods, especially the gems, so I will ask him tonight and add them to my figures and calculations once I know more.

- Dorak

P.S. Kumori reminded me that the scrolls were identified, and with what he was carrying holdings, we have:

Gems Coins Goods
3724 4841 5776

This turns into 1908 gp per person or 11453 gp total.

Some of the party may have funds they wish to add to the pool but it’s still about half of what I am trying to buy.

The boots are unique, and may end up going on my feet, if no one has a better plan for them. I am reluctant to sell something useful, e.g. Smriti’s spear, until a replacement or upgrade has been procured, so that’s the first thing I’d like to sort out.

Gems Coins Goods
3724 4841 10502

Remaining items to sell:

2 x MW Flail
1 x MW Scimitar

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Dorak - Shares of Loot

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