Dorak - The Foiled Ambush

Hey Grandpa,

Well, Ah didnae lose a gift.

There was a giant bat and it did nearly carry away Terak, Cleric Fosseway’s horse. Ah’ve begun to call him Fossie, like Bossie because he does lead us well… but Ah dinnae ken if this will stick.

We sought the goblin which had been previously routed (who lost me).

We found the wee thing. Sleepin’. Since our earlier efforts to interrogate him were fruitless, we took him back to town.

We got some help from the half-orc bartender to that end. Unfortunately, in investigating, we may have tipped off the spy.

Is it the half-orc bartender? The leader of the guard with the falchion, favored weapon for the dark lord of the orcs and goblins? The absentee mayor who has never met us, and who opposes the church?

Hopefully, only the Justiciar, Captain of the Guard, bartender, and some odds and ends know about the goblin.

Since I suggested to Iz’Alma to translate the interrogation, we discovered that there’s a pull to the south which draws orc and goblin alike. That, combined with the profane motivations against the church, suggests the hall “destroyed” by Laeder as a next point of investigation.

With more information on the movements of our foes, we sought out the cart, to bring it to safety. It wasn’t safe. It was befouled.

Oh, that reminds me, we met a not-foul mercenary (earlier) who is joining the party. He’s handy with the shield and the sword.

We continued from the fouled cart towards Laedersburg. Thanks to my sharp senses and my wary eyes, there was not an ambush. Cian, the not-foul mercenary, charged forward to stand between the party and danger. For his efforts, he took a javelin that landed quite solidly. I dismounted and moved to stand behind the fray. Knowing orcs to be heartier than goblins, Fossie and Falko brought magical assistance to bear. Iz tried to take an advantageous position with her crossbow.

Unfortunately, Cian was so badly hurt, he sought to delay until he could be made better, and the orcish barbarian who had thrown a javelin to such effect earlier was a mere 10 paces from him. Seeing the choice, Ah called upon all my gumption and stepped forward and took the blow, but not before Ah shot him in the heart.

When Ah was next aware, apparently, Cian had helped finish the barbarian, and his companions had chosen to flee. We gave chase, and tried to run one to ground. We did, and he spoke enough to tell us more.

I didn’t bathe in the blood of an orc. However, Ah saved a gift for a new friend, who helped protect my old friends, and we won the day. Though shooting that mad orc in the heart was especially pleasing.

There was debate later over town or onward. Onward was the final decision… Iz is very hesitant to rush into danger, but Khy pointed out that we cannae relay on town to solve our problems. We’re the heroes.

Oh, speaking of doing-good, there was a traveller who Cian wanted to insist come along, past the point of even Fossie’s tolerance. It’s funny seeing the mercenary win in the game of holier-than-thou.



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Dorak - The Foiled Ambush

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