Dorak - The Invention

To Whom It May Concern,

Explorer Dorak, relaying a hypothetical design from my team member Ian:

A bag that, when examined, seems to contain only a rope.

However, when the command word is spoken, the rope animates, and turns into 5 to 30 feet of rope that pushes the bag up. Once the rope is fully extended, the bag disappears.

Climbing the rope reveals a magical space as if created by Rope Trick, a spell that he knows.

I asked him why he would craft such an item – he explained that a caster of his level, specifically, could turn that space into extra dimensional shelter for 10 hours, enough to sleep and pray or prepare spells, by making the spell last longer, which takes up his most powerful spells.

This was a curious and tempting idea, especially if he could craft it for our use rather than commission one.

When I asked him about the price, he began to mutter, and the best I could understand was:

(3 × 5 × 2000) / 5 × 2 which I gathered he used when he said it might be as low as 12,000 gold.

He said that crafting it would use only half that cost, but requires a skill taught in the collegium to extend spell durations, or a skillful application of the sort of working understanding of magic devices that bards and rogues more often employ.

He noted, interestingly, that it’s actually slightly cheaper to do it this way than if he were to wait and make that same item later when the spell would naturally last 8 hours.

Seeing that the space is sufficient to hold eight creatures and the rope is able to hold eight tons, it may be an interesting and useful item for the Grand Expedition Project or even the Explorer’s Society directly.

If Ian has any other inventions of note, I’ll do my best to report it, but I thought this particular idea was interesting and worth sharing.


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Dorak - The Invention

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