Dorak - The Museum

Dear Grandpa,

Well, the group dynamic has changed, and we’re slightly weaker for it. Maybe we’d not have done better with Calen, but it’s tough to know.

We were to infiltrate a museum. Ah don’t know what happened inside, but when Ah was once again in possession of myself, Cian and Varisia had died, and her wounds were clearly from an arrow, much like Qasim, our newest acquaintance, wields.

Ah took mah anger out on the greedy museum keeper. Ah am not a good spokesperson. Falko or Iz will need to step up to fill that role or we will be a gang of brutes doing good work but steamrolling our way through.

He has met his end, and we’ve recovered three relics of great power for the project, but it was a rough week, and my memory being absent is somewhat unsettling, though Iz told me some of what happened, since she understands our tongue some of the time.

How fares my brother?

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Museum

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