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To Whom It May Concern,

We have spoken to the oracle. There are to be six relics acquired, including one that possibly may have been sought by an earlier team from The Explorer’s Society, to receive a boon from a dragon in Kushar.

Should any future Explorer’s be sent to the Oracle, assuming that no further Arrows of Apollo are returned to the oracle, I’d suggest they be sent with a paladin or someone who can sense goodness, for the goat – however annoying it was – that was sacrificed to Apollo was a very innocent and trusting creature. Possibly someone more secular than most paladins I’ve heard tales of… since they most likely would need to have a statue to Apollo erected of sufficient size that it would impress the gods.

Hopefully, no future mysteries will require such aid, but I know not how often someone has reported on this process, if ever.

Since I speak Ionian, I have acted as a page to Sonoda Kumori, usually called simply Kumori, to better illustrate his noble status. We did actually contract out the translation of the prophecy to a local, but since I have few skills suitable for court or temple, I had to find some way to be helpful.

The good news is that Obedient Sister Duskridden has returned, and seems much changed, though some of it is for the worse, having lost a gift and still being shy of digits. Lydia Trevor, who has helped the Explorer’s and Grand Expedition Project, is taking to the seas with a reliable crew of skilled sailors and has ended a cycle that boded ill for her. And Chrysos, the charismatic and cursed Chrysos, was freed of her curse, which allowed her to hint at who employed her to meet us and travel with us, a group which plagues Explorer Zomos to varying degrees.

Oh, speaking of threats, there is a lycanthropic threat in these areas. Please make sure to warn and arm any Explorer’s in Io or sent through this portion of Io. I think particularly of Explorer Khypris.

We travel soon to Kushar.

I hesitate to say more for the possibilities of what await us along the silk road do not bear repeating.

I assume there are Explorer’s Society stations along the way to send reports and any dangerous relics we encounter for safe keeping. I have not seen one in some time, though, so my assumptions may be incorrect.



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