Dorak - The Parting of the Ways

Dear Grandpa,

The explorers took the box, the key, and the swords from the team.

Well, those Zomos did not pilfer.

Since I worried about what the Aspis pigs would do if they caught Stareig at the temple after his ceremony of life, as were several others, we set out to catch up with him and try to sneak him out.

On the way back, one night, we saw the fires of the Aspis ahead, and being reluctant to assume too much, Smriti and I snuck ahead.

Smriti not being able to see in the dark, she stumbled over an Aspis scum, and while I was better able to see what was ahead of me, I wandered into a sentry who caught me.

Thankfully, I did get in a good shot before I fled, and Smriti and I both went back and encouraged the team to hide away.

We found a cave that night.

That damn cave annoyed us to no end.

There were snakes… one of which, Zomos enlarged!… which were slain with relative ease.

There were giant apes… several of them… which hurt Smriti and I, her more than me.

We were in the cave so long because Coatl fell ill… and we treated Coatl to keep him with us.

We made it back to the temple with only one other encounter along the way. Zomos burned a little due to a misfire of his spells – considering his opinion of me, I did enjoy that a little.

Iz asked Stareig if he would join us… which is a little like Zomos asking me for a favor.

He declined, having given up a gift for us already… not to mention she isn’t his favorite person in the world.

We were seeking a ship but we were contacted by that arrogant wizard who told us incoming.

Just about the time that we found a warehouse to duck into, we noticed someone trailing us. More gifted in stealth than I, that was no easy feat.

She said she is a holy warrior and destined to journey with us.

Smriti took pity on her and paid for her to come with us.

I don’t think I am going to like the debriefing, though.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Parting of the Ways

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