Dorak - The Qasim Show

Dear Grandpa,

The morning broke, and the beach… was fairly empty. There was a guy who made my storytelling seem amazing and a girl who was very convincing and enchanting, be it a little bedraggled.

Apparently, there was a mutiny, and the two strangers, who were cursed long ago, were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through some divine mercy, she was unharmed by the mutineers, but we were marooned.

Cian and Qasim took a quick run and the question arose of how we’d ever find passage from this uncharter, off the usual routes island that may have known only a dozen landfalls before us.

Qasim decided to scout the ship by air, using the magics and gifts of his deity (or deities… not quite clear on his religion).

That left Cian to return and help us weather the wait. There was some foul weather, but good companionship helped pass the time quickly.

The crew that returned was, unfortunately, cursed. Thankfully, our destination and a place to have the curse lifted were the same, so we set sail, and they will be cured of the condition.

The true star, if not Qasim for doing what we could not and doing it with style, was Falko, for his foresight. He brought a potion of Remove Curse which was used and used well to cure Qasim to reduce the chances of the party being further delayed or split up.

We are well, in a fairly large city for these lands, and a little flush with treasure. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next.



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Dorak - The Qasim Show

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