Dorak - The Ravine

Dear Grandpa,

Ah feel as though the hardships have made me stronger.

Ah’ve learned that the best defense is a good offense and Ah’ll be competent in Gobtalk when Ah next have a chance ta interrogate one of the bastards and test mah skills.

Ah’m getting ahead of myself. Ah suppose Ah should first tell ye about the ogre.

The most interestin’ things seem ta happen on my watch.

Ah woke Cian and Khy and then Fossie and Falco and Iz’Alma.

An ogre broke down a tree and whittled it ta a club before trying ta ambush us. Ah hid and attacked and got in a good shot, and no one died.

We eventually made our way inta the ravine and the hideout. The first room was four goblins. Three went down easily enough, though the last was cornered, and Ah could nae let it die by another’s hands.

It hadn’t yet met its death when a bugbear charged in and tried ta pincushion me between the goblin and itself. Thankfully, just as Ah was surrounded, Ah lashed out and hit the goblin squarely.

The first bugbear was dispatched easily enough. Iz’Alma tried ta extend her repertoire and swung at the latter, who was in the doorway. Ah joined, though Ah could not slide past, and took many a hit for trying.

Finally, realizing the futility of the effort, Ah backed up and got Iz’Alma ta back up. This allowed us ta re-approach the next room – the bugbear and the cleric behind him – with a little more success.

Fossie healed Cian and Ah and kept countering the efforts of the profane cleric. We finally brought him down but not dead. Interrogation seems ta be a often desired skillset.

We recovered the relic, some brew, and some other goods, and headed on ta Laedersberg with our prisoner. We were met at the gates by Lady Aeslyn.

She conducted us ta the inn, helped get Aesla, and while the innkeeper wasn’t fond of the idea of a half-orc in the shiny, unused inn, we did hold a meeting, and Fossie tried ta interrogate ‘im. Unfortunately, it didn’t have much ta say, knowing the fate ’e would face.

There’s a greater relic on the horizon, and there’s a chance we’ll ha’ the items for the ritual ta sanctify the shrine here. We’ve acquired a base of operations for a while.

Ah’ll tell ye more in me next letter.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Ravine

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