Dorak - The Road to Stahl

Dear Grandpa,

There were many ways between Montaigne and Stahl, but none of us were seasoned ostlers, and sought the smoother path.

It was mostly uneventful. There were some eyes which Ah saw in the night, but they didn’t appear more interested in harassing us than we were in waking up early.

We forded the river, which went smoothly.

Calen saved us some funds by seeking work as a messenger. He also negotiated a lower toll. The church may be of use in ways I hadn’t considered before.

We met a band of poorly educated brigands who sought to fight the unfair levying of that toll. Their leader was something of a noble who was banned at Court and who sought to take from the rich Juisse doge. He an Calen knew of each other, so there was some hope for redress to come from within the system, rather than from rising tensions and war. Then again, tensions are often difficult to diffuse.

We also met a bridge tender whose hat went into the river and who had to run to the West across the bridge to retrieve it when Iz dropped it. She meant well, but some of her antics don’t turn out as expected.

She also helped a soul with some financial opportunities. We’re not certain how, but hope it turned out well.

We met a fine dwarf known as Bill or Goresack. You may know of him. He had an interesting idea for a sideline for adventurers, though it didn’t turn out to be profitable.

Still, there be many ways for matter in one space to end up in another. Perhaps an alchemist or necromancer would pay good money for services using some type ah “body bag” that dropped the foul beasties corpse into ah holding tank to allow them to continue their experiments or potion making without having to leave the laboratory.

I ken, I ken… necromancy is evil because only the gifts of the gods are the proper way tah bring back a spirit. Howevah, there has to ha been a necromancer using the corpses of heathens to save the gifts by sending forth the animated corpses to fight in the front lines. Or be Ah overthinking things?

Ah dun ken.

We’re waiting to see the constabulory of Stahl, so I’ll keep this short. There were a dwarven woman here, who Ah may tell you more ah next time Ah write. Best to tell the whole tale at once, there.

We also saw some dwarves who were on strike due to weather in a mining town. Good, solid, iron coming from the hills… not the most precious of elements, but one in need in many places and ways.

Gotta go. The rest of the parteh has arrived, save Khy who appears to be taking care of horses and cart.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Road to Stahl

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