Dorak - The Unobtrusive Observer

Dear Grandpa,

Well, the plan worked incredibly well… though the group did not catch up with me as I hoped.

Still, it allowed me to be indoctrinated.

Having no better plan, I left town, leaving word that the party should meet up with me.

There was a bit of hassle at the gates. The Aspis didn’t see me well enough to identify me as the culprit… and my pack shifted uncomfortably.

I found out what had happened to the rest of the party as we crossed a bridge and they popped out.

The blessed and cursed lamp saved them and made our escape easier.

There was an odd light off the road as we rode, but it coalesced into a humanoid form with a featureless face.

I don’t know how much you want to know about this… thing. It claims to be an observer and it’s not supposed to tell us about the future (from which it comes?) but it is really bad at doing so.

I am a villain, Coatl is the great, Smriti is his arm candy, Iz is an enigma, and Kumori did not pop out of the lamp so we don’t know his future.

There was a second portal after we dealt with the annoyance – well, Coatl did by telling him he was being annoying.

Out of it appeared a two headed beast, glowing with spittle and rancor. Dusky unleashed a good throw with her sling, and I quickly closed on it, trying to keep it from the more fragile members of the party.

While Smriti harnessed our horses to a tree, Iz baned the beast and then Coatl, whom the beast had advanced upon in an unusual manner, cast a spell, carelessly bringing an attack against him. He fell unconscious

I called Dusky over to help me take up a good offensive position and we found out that the beast was more watchful than most, which makes sense with the two heads. Smriti had more horses tied up before Iz – despite the recent poor example – repeated the mistakes of Coatl. She did not pass out, and did a good bit of damage to the beast, but lack of focus from our casters is a serious danger to our survival. Seeing the beast chomp onto Coatl, Smriti called upon unknown reserves to charge up and try to rescue him.

Dusky knew her weak arms and smaller blades made the thick, rubbery hide impenetrable to her trusts. Something she did unleashed an attack upon her, and she too was unconscious… I think she was trying to grapple the massive beast? That wasn’t the best thought out plan.

Thankfully, the distractions and my practice allowed me to bluff both heads so my next attack could land true, and it was a vicious thrust into the middle of the two that brought the beast low.

The beast imploded into a metallic disc of some sort… I retrieved it, and then the pony, while Iz tended to the unconscious Coatl and Dusky with Smriti. Having little choice, we set up camp.

The good news is they both recovered the next morning, though they were a bit stiff, which is natural.

I did not try to divine the secret of the disc, since I had previously tried to divine some of the scrolls by asking Coatl to review them. He demurred and suggested Iz, who said that she could not use any of them and that they were more his ilk anyway. He didn’t seem interested in reading them, and I don’t know either of them would have much luck with the disc since the language on it is so odd that even I don’t recognize the alphabet.

We did arrive the next day at a most magnificent place – a Temple of Korak, and a place where the air is heavy with coal and the sound of anvils being worked. Truly, a magnificent place.

Since we needed funds, and this seemed a prime place to do some trading, I thought we’d sell off some goods that have no great use for us (which surely means we will need them shortly) and acquire some items to better outfit the rest of the team.

We acquired a spear and a sword for Coatl and Dusky, a ring for Kumori, a ring for Coatl, and a belt for Dusky. There was not much that Iz, Smriti or I needed that was available in the market, as the town is small, and Iz did contribute to help give Kumori greater resolve.

We also sold off enough goods that I feel better funded for travel… and I made a new friend. He spoke Dwarven to me very passably and is a master craftsman… I hope you actually decide to travel down and visit the temple and meet him. I think you’d like him.

You must go, in fact. There’s a relic from Korak’s Forge! It is missing the head and the arm, but it’s just like the stories you used to tell me when I was but a wee lad.

The statue is worth the trip, but the town is the most ‘at home’ I felt since I left with my brother to get him to the games.

The visit was too brief, but I may send letters there to try to keep up contact and possibly to have a Toledo steel rapier made. I am somewhat hoping there’s one that was made by the master somewhere to be found – that he may travel with me in steel if not in person.

I write this from a farm. We travelled out and encountered poor weather, suggesting a great storm coming. We were offered a place to stay by the family in exchange for chores… since there is a lot to do on a farm at any time, they could use the extra hands.

When we were working, we all spied a silver coin, but we resisted the urge to take it up, lest we rob a family of precious money they earned through hard work.

One of the farmers, however, picked it up, and it was no ordinary coin. It had a portrait of a lady and a rose… I didn’t get a good look at it, he hid it away so quickly.

His personality change was quick and not for the better. I worry in the morning how I will separate him from it… we can’t have a coin possessing honest, hard working folk and causing them ruin! That’s not the Explorer’s way.

I am not sure how we’ll separate the man and his precious, but it is for the greater good we do so.

Hope all is well… I realized that I am falling out of practice in the languages you taught me, so I am practicing my Draconic, as you see. I think any who intercept this will consider me a great and mighty wizard, since those are the sort inclined to use Draconic.

- Dorak

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