Dorak - The Voyage

Dear Grandpa,

Be careful what you wish for!

As you may imagine, the Cat of Royan is a future problem, and in considering when we’d be ready to take on a criminal underground, the ‘armed with a dragon’s wealth’ benchmark came to mind.

Aye, it may not be that hard, but to lead a band of brigands and deceitful scum without being betrayed suggests layers and stronger skills than the average member, possibly even a few skillsets to rely upon.

Be that as it may, we found passage, and a new friend with the Explorer’s to travel with us, and we were set upon by merfolk and, you guessed it, a dragon.

Having tried to be of use by taking a night watch, when the action started, I was ill prepared. However, having donned my armor, and making my way above deck, the realistic side of me said that there was little my crossbow would do against the beast, even if it got close enough to apply my deadly aim.

After calling upon the crew to join me in turning the defenses against it, there was a spectacularly lucky and uncharacteristically lucky shot. While it did not guarantee us victory, it was a huge help in turning the tide, no pun intended.

That turned the tide, for the slaves of the dragon, no longer subject to the threat of reprisal, offered us treaty and the wealth of the dragon, and the ship needs repairs, so while we change course to acquire and repair, a note to you is the best use of my time.

Oh, poor, silly Cian… our actual sailor is suffering from his misadventures.

Hope you are well,

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Voyage

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