Durante Torregrossa

High king torregrossaDurante Torregrossa, called the Pious, is first of his name. He was elected by the High Council in the year 1329 YS and began his reign as High King of the Free Kingdoms in 1330. He is of Eastern descent, and was born and raised in the city of Venchenzia, whose political machinations are well known. His family is beholden to the Drovenge noble house, one of the old noble houses of Venchenzia. No doubt his family’s wealth and power, along with the backing of the Drovenges, had a significant impact on his nomination and election to this seat of power.

High King Torregrossa was once a cleric of The Great Church, but forsook the cowl for politics. He still remains dedicated to the Church, and is known for his high morals and great esteem within the Church’s eyes.

Torregrossa’s reign will end on the last day of Maalbring, 1334.

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Durante Torregrossa

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