Eagle Knights

The Order of the Eagle Knights are a tripartite faction devoted to freedom, liberty, and justice. The Eagle Knights are comprised of military veterans who have served at least three terms of service under the marshallate of the nobility of the Free Kingdoms, and have survived at least one campaign. Additionally, they must pass several rigorous tests and trials, known only to the Order.

Although once allied to the Free Kingdoms, these retired military no longer have allegiance to the cause of the lords they once followed, but are enlisted into the Knightly Order. These Knights of the Order of the Eagle, however, swear fealty to the Nation of the Free Kingdoms and the High King himself, who oversees the knighting ceremony, dubbing all Eagle Knights into his service. At that time, all former allegiances are forsworn and broken, and the Eagle Knight now serves his order and the High King.

It is considered a high honor to be enlisted and sworn into the ranks of the Eagle Knights.

The City of Montaigne is home to the stronghold of the order, also called The Knight’s Aerie. Though not a requirement, many Eagle Knights revere Urian, God of the Air and Sky.

Eagle knight sword
A sword, such as the one depicted, is bestowed upon every Eagle Knight immediately after taking their oath and having been dubbed by the High King.




Eagle Knights

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