Errata- Crimson Skies Campaign Pathfinder Ruleset (PDF)

  1. The Maker’s Gifts: Only believers in the Gods of the Tree are blessed with the Maker’s Gifts. In the document, it lists each of the five sacred races as having the Racial Trait of Maker’s Gifts. Generally, this applies only to the races of the Free Kingdoms, and was incorrectly added to the Racial Traits of the following races: Al’Baid, Al’Farai, Amazon, Caspian, Chuul, Drusan, Gypsy, Ionian, Jute, Mung, Northman, Phthian, and Thulian. Any player character from these races may instead choose an alternate trait listed in the Advanced Player’s Guide page 326 (these are the 1/2 feats, not the Alternate Racial Traits).

  2. Midlanders: In the Ruleset, Those persons hailing from the Midrealm were formerly called Freelanders. This was, in hindsight, incorrect. They are now referred to as Midlanders, in a similar fashion as people hailing from the Western Kingdoms are called Westerners (and Easterners from the Kingdom of the East). Midlanders speak Aenglish(see #4 below) and still use the same character creation portfolio as the ruleset gives for Freelanders. The term “Freelanders” now refers to anyone from the Free Kingdoms.

  3. Provincials: Members of the Free Kingdoms realm, the Kingdom of the Providences, are called provincials. They speak Provincial (see #4 below) and use the same character creation portfolio as the ruleset gives for Freelanders.

  4. Language Corrections: A significant change has been made to languages, specifically when referring to “Common”. Firstly, Freespeak is no longer the tongue of Midlanders. The language of the Midlanders is now called Aenglish. With the addition of Aenglish, each of the countries in the Free Kingdoms now have their own tongue. Furthermore, these specific languages (Aenglish, Cymbric, Espanish, Garmanic, Irontongue, Juiss, Latalian, and Povincial) now represent the refined speech of the nobility, as well as the learned. These languages are considered automatic languages for any character whose background dictates its appropriateness (as well as any class for whom literacy is a class skill).
    Furthermore, the language which the commoners, merchants, and travelers (and the like) speak, is now Freespeak. Although this language is not as intricate, subtle, or sophisticated as the tongues of the nobility, it is still broad enough to communicate most basic intentions, as well as significant and complex ideas. Anyone who hails from the Free Kingdoms speaks Freespeak and is an automatic language for them, replacing all instances of “common” for Freespeak. One kingdom does not get Freespeak as an automatic language: the people of Cymbryll. All Cymbrians, noble or common, automatically speak Cymbric, and Freespeak is on their bonus language list. Cymbric is an ancient and proud language which has retained its usage to the present day. It uses a very different alphabet, Cymbrillic, and is also the basis for the language of the Druids. It can also be traced to the root language of the Dwarven race, even though the alphabets are vastly different. This similarity of origin accounts for the reason why both the Cymbrians and the Bitori share similar vocal cadences and accents. Most Cymbrians who travel beyond the borders of their kingdom take the time to study Freespeak.
    Finally, there is a tongue which is called the Common Tongue. This language is much like Freespeak, except the base alphabet is from the Classical era and has roots in Ionian. This is the language of the Phthyan Empire, including slaves, commoners, soldiers and the like. The Common Tongue is an automatic language for all who hail from any Imperial occupied states, for it has been forced upon every person by Imperial decree. It is rare, but not unheard of, that this language is encountered in the Free Kingdoms. Cymbrians, Easterners and Ironmen have the Common Tongue on their bonus language lists. Any other of the Freelanders must learn the tongue by purchasing a rank in Linguistics.

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Errata- Crimson Skies Campaign Pathfinder Ruleset (PDF)

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