Population: 427,000
Government: Feudalistic Monarchy
Capitol: City of Granada
Languages: Espanish, Freespeak, Portugai
Religion: The Great Church is the official sanctioned religion, most of the gods of the pantheon have shrines and temples scattered across the Kingdom.
Currency: The Free Crown (1gp), The Royal Doublon (1.6gp = 16 reales), The Dolar (also called peso de ocho [piece of eight] and the Eight-real) (8sp), The Four Reales (4sp), The Two Reales (2sp), The Real (1sp) and the Half-Real (5cp)
Resources/Trade: Coal, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, mercury, potash, timber (pine and oak), ships, steel, finely crafted weaponry, agriculture, and animals.
Allies: Alliance of the Free Kingdoms, (although the peace between The Providences is tenuous at best, and war is likely), and Al’Baid.
Enemies: The Warrens, Nokol, Phthyan Empire.

Racial Breakdown: Human 95%, Halfling 2%, Elf .5%, Dwarf 1%, Gnome .25%, Other 1.25%
Ruler: King Don Juan Imago Moreno Flores de Almodóvar
Major Cities: Sotombras, Zorita, Zafra, Trillo, Nevada, Salobreña, Estrella Caida, Alcazar Toledo, Alhambra, La Ciudad Eterna, Ostial, Ultimo Refugio, Qastalla, Puerto Segura, Chouso e Choso|, Regadas, Solar.
Important Sites:
La Carretera del Rey
The Iron Mines of Nevada
Major Geological Features:
Nevada Mountains
Los Montañas Grandes
Spyder Wood
El Dura Tierra (The Hard Land)
Las Arenas Rojas (The Red Sands Desert)
Landmarks: Rio Toledo, El Río Más Largo
Locales: TBA

Description: Espagia is the most eclectic of the Free Kingdom’s nations. It has shared an alliance with the Al’Baid Empire. The Flores family sits on the throne, while the countryside is divided into rancheros. A family don governs the rancheros for the King, collecting taxes and administering justice. The King is nominally the supreme ruler of the kingdom, but his council of Church advisors powerfully influences his decisions. Because of the strong presence of the Great Church, most every city has a university, making them the most educated nation in the Free Kingdoms.
Life and Society: The Espanish are a passionate people, and their passion can be seen in their music, their food, even their language. Of all the nations of the Free Kingdoms, their culture is the most diverse, having influences from all across the continent, even from the Alabic nation of Al’Baid. However, the most important and potent influence in recent years has been the Great Church.

Over four hundred years ago, in a bloody war, the capital of the Church moved from the city of Granada in Espagia to the city of Montaigne in the Province of the Four Corners, shifting the balance of power in the Free Kingdoms forever. Because of the long-standing traditions of the Church, however, Espania has a university in every city, making them the most educated nation in the Free Kingdoms. The Church also sponsors public health programs, aqueducts and medical centers, providing health and medicine to anyone who is in need.

However, trouble has befallen Espagia. Just before his death, Espagia’s aging king exiled his eldest son in a fit of rage, leaving a beardless boy to inherit the throne. Needless to say, Good King Imago is no match for the cunning and wiles of Espagia’s more mature and experienced nobility, but he does have one ally: the man known only as “El Vago.” This masked figure and his league of confederates have protected the king from treachery on too many occasions to enumerate. However, there are those in Espagia who would like to see The Vagabond on the end of a rope, thus putting Good King Imago in their ambitious hands.

Towns and Villages

Mitad, Castillo Grande, Cencillio, Felicidad, Ebron, Alcazar de Devi, Gran Rio, Villa Vicosa, Talamina, Alcazar de la Montaña, Blacktree.
Many more TBA

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