Falko's Journal Entry 3

14th Shal, 1332 —

We have arrived in Stahl. I must admit that I’m a bit dismayed at this point, and I fear that my compatriots might be losing faith in my abilities to perform any watch duties whatsoever. This troubles me, as I have always found myself to be a relatively alert fellow — I have even taken great pains to ensure I get plenty of rest — yet I continue to end up nodding off, only to end up with goblin arrows sticking in my side.

Fortunately, I was able to find a bit of fire with fire, after having been tended to by Calen. Such sweet revenge to see a simple melody lull the greenskins to sleep. It afforded us an opportunity to take a hostage, but despite an overly ingenious plan, we were unable to make good on tracking after the catch and release. Ultimately, we found what we believe to be their camp, and evidence that all of this madness is indeed headed toward Stahl. We’ve also confirm that a local shrine has indeed lost the Skylark Statue, quite possibly to these fiends.

It is with a heavy heart that I put these words to paper, as I am truly feeling a bit like an Achilles’ heel. Perhaps I shall spend some time in Stahl putting together some… elixir… that will aid me in avoiding this haze of sleep that seems to course over me at the most inopportune of times. As for now, it is affecting my ability to take enjoyment from the journey.

Being afforded the opportunity to strum my gittern — once as accompaniment for a lovely lady Bantami — has been my only comfort. I shall continue to strive to remedy this unfortunate problem. I do feel that my alchemical texts might hold a passable solution… I shall pursue this further at the next opportunity.

Falko’s Journal

Falko's Journal Entry 3

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