Province of GinSu

Capitol: Jade Dragon City (192,589) (The Three Dragons)
Notable Settlements:Serpent City (42,220), Big Eel City (7,903). Ching-Ling (7,133), Chow Yae (10,239), Crystal Towers (8,994)
Ruler: The Jade Regent
Government: Imperial regency served by regional
Major Races: Mungese Humans
Languages: Mungese
Religion: TBA
Currency: TBA
Resources/Trade: Alcohol, ambergris, artwork, beef, copper,
dyes, gold, grain, jade, paper, silk, silver, tea, timber, vegetables
Allies: Shindo, Qinho, Bagmar
Enemies: The Great Hordes, Dōngjì de Jìngjiè, Yáng Jin Yong

Important Sites:
Major Geological Features:
Sea of Eels
Forest of Spirits
Forest of Cherry Blossoms
Landmarks: TBA
Locales: TBA

Description: GinSu is one of three provinces comprising the Huo Héguāng Empire (Empire of Fire and Light). It is a province plagued with war and strife. Its capitol shares a border with two strong enemy provides, and the country is nearly surrounded by enemies. The Jade Regent has been gaining in power, but does his practices do not set well with the other two provinces of Huo Héguāng (Empire of Fire and Light). GinSu may well find itself soon at war with all surrounding provinces, all the while, fighting off hordes of barbarians and pirates of the Huge Serpent Bay. More TBA
Life and Society: TBA

Towns and Villages

Rau Ye, Ching-Ling Lazy-Eel, Lau Hsi, Min Tu, Yen Fren, Li Wen, Red Bend, Cresting Fish, The Crossroads Laughing Goat, Lazy Bend, Spring Tree, Nesting Swallow, Little Blossom, Yellow Orchid, Grey Petal.

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