Gran Rio

Gran rio

Population: 382 (hamlet; 219 houses)
Full Time Soldiers: 3
Militia Members: 19
GP Limit: 100gp

  • Mayor: Don Hodonar of Gran Rio (dead)
  • True Power: The Society of Elders (an exclusive, self-elected council of high-level aristocrats, experts, sorcerers, & wizards; 7 members; all surviving)
  • Constable: Sir Gapala of Gran Rio (dead)
  • Provincial Governess: Vizcondesa Vindoni of Sathos (not present)

Gran Rio has seen some terrible times of late. Raiding Ovar-kin (goblinoids) from the Ironback Mountains up river, have been leading midnight sorties into the city. They first came in small numbers, parties of three or four, sneaking into town across small rafts, murdering those at the docks and vanishing without a trace. The town’s defense was doubled, led by the now late Sir Gapala, who was slain by goblin sorcery.

Several weeks of torment and raids in the pitch of night left the citizenry of Gran Rio in terror. Mayor Don Hodonar imposed martial law and set a curfew for all inhabitants from dusk till dawn. The following day, the mayor was found dead in his chambers, his aristocratic throat slit ear to ear. No one knows who assassinated him, or how they got into his private chambers in the manor, but a serving girl reported to have seen the shadow of a demon creeping around the manor for days before the incident.

The Society of Elders convened and it was decided that messengers would be sent to Alhambra and Alcazar Toledo, as well as the Provincial Governess Vizcondesa Vindoni, to report the raids and the impact on the village, as well as to request aid. The former Mayor had not wanted to involve the superior authorities, and for that he had been chastised by the Elder Society, before he had been murdered.

So far, and it has been over three weeks, there has been no response to the missives sent. There has not been a raid in several days, but any adventuring party, no matter how motley, would be welcomed to investigate this terrible series of events and put an end to the goblin raids.

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  • 1 – The Spyder Wood
  • 2 – The Eastern Gates
  • 3 – The Western Gate (also called Westgate and Dock Gate and Bend Gate)
  • 4 – The River Gate
  • 5 – West Gate Road
  • 6 – River Gate Road
  • 7 – The Bend Dock
  • 8 – The River Dock
  • 9 – The Manor House
  • 10 – The Manor Stables
  • 11 – The Manor Fountain
  • 12 – The Servants’ Quarters
  • 13 – Town Square
  • 14 – River March Road
  • 15 – The Warehouse
  • 16 – Manor Square
  • 17 – Market Row
  • 18 – The Outer Walls
  • 19 – The Manor Walls
  • 20 – The Dead Duck Tavern and Inn
  • 21 – The Halls of the Society of Elders
  • 22 – El Fuego de Dama (The Lady’s Fire), Hearth of Anwyn
  • 23 – The Dock Office
  • 24 – Ye Baite Shacke

The Constable’s Office
The Rack and Spit Feasthall and Tavern
Universidad de Alhambra: Gran Rio Annex
The Dead Duck Inn – Run by the Chacon family.
Golden River Explorer’s Lodge – The only explorer here is Cristobal Lopez de Crux, a very old half-elven retired adventurer. The lodge houses a portal disc to Montaigne.
The Warehouse – recently robbed and two guards killed, presumably by the goblin raiders

Vizcondessa Vindoni of Sathos does not reside within the town, but maintains a keep and manor some 2 miles away, on a beautiful hill at the fringe of the badlands. She never personally comes into town unless it is a matter of great importance, except on the annual River Festival in the summer.

Cast of Characters

The Society of Elders
Don Rodrigo de Gran Rio – Aristocrat
Fuerte (Strong) – Dwarven Master Smith
Mauricio Zambrano – Dock Master
Walercia Zambrano – Sorceress
Thiago Regalado – Master Fisher
Santos Munguia – Wizard of the Third Order of Mago Alhambra
Cierra Escobedo – Manciple of Anwyn

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Free Kingdoms
Human Realms of the Northwestern Continent



Gran Rio

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