High King Communications 1

15 Shal 1333 YS


It grieves me to hear of the incident at The Tricalista. In some ways, I blame myself. I had grave apprehension regarding your comrade Coatl. His odd, seemingly-savage nature gave me pause. But of you all, I trusted that you and the Kaidanese Kumori would have been able to keep reigns on Coatl. I guess we were all wrong.

Officially, I have been forced, for political reasons, to disassociate myself officially from your group. But know that I am still personally interested in following your progress. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I will be able to continue correspondence in any way other than through the compass, but please be aware that there are several compasses out there in the world that all share the same extra-dimensional space. However unlikely, we cannot ensure that these messages will not be intercepted.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am gravely disappointed in you and your party. In order to get you out of the custody of the Condottieri Regale, I had to pull many strings and use up the last of the favors I have with that office in Venchenzia. This mission is that important, in my opinion. My council and advisors are of course divided regarding this matter. Therefore, as I stated when we first met, I will be unable to offer any additional support. The incident of last evening has put me into a delicate position, making it less likely you will see any aid in the future.

In fact, council has been given me that you be recalled to Montaigne. To this I have sternly objected. However, as an adventuring group, you are not, understand NOT, to claim that you are affiliated or associated with the High Crown of the Free Kingdoms. If it is reported that you have done so, you shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Our might.

Before the events of evening last, I had contacted a young Wizard, by name of Ian Bradwarden, to accompany you on your journeys. He was to aid you, as you were lacking an arcanist other than the Azurai. My council has urged me to recall Bradwarden, but I have decided to allow him to join your group. I think his presence may be a boon for your group and your mission. Additionally, where it may be difficult for me to officially communicate to you, it would be relatively easier to correspond with the young Ian. His training should compliment your team and fill in what you might be lacking, specifically in arcane spellcasting.

This may likely be the last you hear from me for some time. You may certainly pass any messages along through Ian. May the Gods protect you and aid you along your journey, and may you discover the fate of Kaidan.

[The letter is unsigned]


High King Communications 1

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