Ian's Journal Entry 2

There is little new to report, but I am so sick of staring at runes. It seems I’m getting my semester’s worth of Transcription work in, although the unwanted whims of Poseidon make for a rather challenging go of it. So far, I’ve managed to get Make Whole and Rope Trick – glad I was able to snag that one on such short notice! – into Ye Olde Trusty Spellbook. Additionally, I’ve started copying cantrips into one of the spare (and thankfully, lighter) volumes that I brought along. I’ll be leaving that aboard a The Westering Moon for now, as it feels a bit like home, for the moment.

The Moon is actually quite the impressive vessel. I’ve not spent any amount of time on the seas, but I must say that The Moon and her crew seem to be more than capable of navigating us safely to Io. From a limited time I’ve spent with her captain and first mate, I must say that they are both fine examples of Norther intrepidity, and with little tolerance for anything less. The mistress of the sea demands such – I hope that we do not let him down. I would love to get some time with the Captain and First Mate to practice my Norther, but it’s been made clear that such things are to be done in times of leisure only, and Common is to be heavily enforced as lingua franca. Timolf Sveinsson has made it clear that he has no tolerance for bigotry, and this policy seems an excellent way to encourage tolerance amongst such a diverse set of folk in such a confined space. Admirable, and wise.

I did have a brief chance to chat with some of my companions, although I’m ashamed to say that putting pen to paper has occupied most of my free time. Dorak, who I thought to be almost unapproachable at first, seems to be quite the amicable fellow. Ignacius joined us in our repast, and I must say that I now find him to be slightly starry eyed. (Who am I to talk, however? Last week the extent of my “adventuring” was rearranging furniture in my dormitory…)

Ignacius was talking of some sort of Museum that he had heard was being built for adventurers. Very dubious sounding, really, but he was buying it. He was even able to sell Dorak on it a bit, I think. According to Ignacius, we are to put written physical descriptions of ourselves down on paper, then send them off. Strange business, and something I can’t be bothered with for now. If someone needs or wants a physical description of me, they need only contact the Redhurst Academy of Magic – I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a mirror image of me stored away for Gods-only-know-what purposes.

Well, it looks like I am needed above deck, so I’m closing this entry now, lest it devolve into mere ramble anyhow.

Until time permits -
Ian Bradwarden

Ian’s Journal

Ian's Journal Entry 2

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