Ignatius' Journal Entry 8

Dear Amarius Rafael,

What an amazing journey this has been since I last wrote you. Before leaving Io I found myself transported to this Impossible Palace as Sonoda Kumori calls it. While I was there I found a wonderful library in which I could pass time. In my readings I found that there was a Chapel of the Tree in this Impossible Palace, and set out to find it. Once there, I sensed many souls waiting to return to their mortal coils. Upon performing the ceremony of life, more than 100 souls were raised, it was quite magnificent. It appears that the “curse” of the lamp may in fact offer something useful. It appears the souls, while familiar with the lamp, did not have their gift taken while in the lamp, and instead appeared to be brought back here. If that is in fact the case, I will need to ensure I find this temple and perform the ceremony of life each time I find myself in the lamp.

However, the lamp did not let me off that easily, it saw fit to spit me out into the most inhospitable land, Aenea. This land was harsh, with sweeping plains and vast deserts. I found my connection to Tinel completely severed in this foul place. I learned that centuries ago the magic was blasted away during what is known as the Sorcerer Wars, which left the land parched with no water, plant life, or magical energies. Their methods to overcome such shortcomings were quite unusual. Their alchemists had devised ways of using black powder, what we associate with the fireworks of the east, to use in firearms and other weaponry as well as even more complex tasks that we would call upon Tinel for, or mages would utilize arcane energy for.

After a week in the lamp, and two weeks in Aenea, I suddenly appeared on the deck of the ship my companions were sailing on. Momentarily after I appeared Sonoda Kumori returned from the lamp as well along with his horse, his horse unfortunately was deposited in the ocean. Thankfully, with my connection to Tinel back I was able to call upon his grace to allow Kumori and I to walk upon the water to reach his steed, then I raised his steed to the surface as well and we returned him to the presumed safety of the vessel.

I say presumed safety, because unbeknownst to me, my companions had been attacked by three giant wasps in Kumori and my absence. Additionally, shortly after we had returned to the deck, we heard a scream from down below in the cargo hold. I wish I had more time to write of what occurred, but I must soon end this letter, so I will be brief.

We found one of the crew killed by a lion, yes a lion in the hold of the ship that I was informed was not there earlier. Kumori bravely slayed the beast. At this time, Kumori’s steed was possessed by something, I dispelled any magic that may have been present, only to have it quickly return. At this time Ian Bradwarden and I spoke with the lieutenant and captain and requested permission to scan the ship for magical auras. After careful consideration, we were allowed to do so and found a very strong emanation coming from a crate in the lowest of holds.

At this time, from what I have been told, an elephant appeared on the forward deck and proceeded to trample some of the crew, and only by the grace of the gods, was Smriti able to pull the elephant off balance and send it crashing into the sea. While this occurred, I waited for the crate to be opened. When it was I saw a statue, at that time I dispelled all magical energy from the statue. Ian told me it was a magnificent example of such a ritual, I feel this is a compliment to you, who has taught me so much that I know. As soon as I had cast away the curse of the statue, Kumori and a few crewmen quickly carried the crate to the deck and tossed it overboard into the emerald sea. At this time the besieging of the ship by the creatures ended, with the creatures of the air and sea returning to their normal activities. After such tiring work I retired to our cabin, and it is from there that I write you this letter.


Igantius De’Kempo

Tinel seal

Ignatius’ Journal

Ignatius' Journal Entry 8

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