Inceptors of Tinel


Inceptors of Tinel

The Order

The inceptors are preservers of knowledge, both mystical and mundane. To be an “inceptor” means to be just beginning, to be taking everything in; while some inceptors are vastly knowledgeable and have already taken in a great deal, the order’s title still pertains. An inceptor, no matter how venerable, is always learning and taking in new information as though he were still a young student.

An ancient order, the inceptors are able to trace the names of their elders across many generations. They are record-keepers, meticulous in their notation of details great and small. They do not have the minds or demeanors of accountants and lawyers, though, for their philosophy is one of exploration, discovery, and constant questioning. They question what they record; they doubt the rules and test them constantly for their veracity.

The Bard Imarillus once observed: “Morwyn’s matriarchs say, ‘How may I help you?’ The soldiers of Terak ask, ‘How may I defend you?’ The Zhenkefan apostles wonder, ‘What will inspire you?’ But an inceptor of Tinel asks only ‘Why?’ and ‘Why?’ again, until a man wants nothing more than the company of the unholy and the unclean.” The inceptors wonder at everything, try to pick apart the details of everything, and find questions to ask that no one else would think to ask; they do so because they are on a lifelong mission to understand the world and help others to understand it.

Most inceptors are part of the dominant (chaotic good) faction of the scriptoriums. These folk take on the duties of wanderers and teachers, both to better themselves and others, but rarely in the pursuit of a specific piece of knowledge. It is their belief that the journey is the key; that exploration of knowledge, of the mind, will yield many things that are unexpected; and that the most worthy answers are the ones you did not seek in the first place.

The inceptors of the neutral faction, on the other hand, care only about finding knowledge. They do not aid others in their learning, and have no interest in the exploration of their own inner being or the guided discovery of another’s. Instead, they join a cabal of the “worthy” and work together, almost like a hive, to track down and solve the mysteries of the universe. Their missions are nearly always to pursue a specific piece of learning and bring it back to the other inceptors.

There are two distinct phases in the career of an inceptor, whatever his faction. The younger inceptors wander, seeking information, while

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Inceptors of Tinel

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