Description: APG standard inquisitor modified as follows:

InquisitorRegions: Inquisitors can be found wherever a strong and established church exists. In the Free Kingdoms, not every sect uses Inquisitors. In fact, only The Court of Maal and The Great Church have any regular Offices of Inquisition. It is, however, a safe assumption that the rest of the churches, to one extent or another, have unofficial, or even secret orders of inquisitors, usually used for the sole purpose of policing their own. There are rumors of an ancient, forbidden sect of inquisitors, known as the Bloody Swords, who were once part of the The Court of Maal, but who had grown too ruthless and cruel in the execution of their duties. If this cult still exists, they keep their membership secret and their actions clandestine.

Recharge: In addition to the normal requirements for the daily preparing of spells, inquisitors gain benefits when they recharge their spells at a holy shrine, temple or cathedral.

Ritual Magic: Inquisitors may may not learn ritual magic, thus they may not purchase ranks in the Arcane Ritual skill.

Sense Spirits: Inquisitors do not have the ability to sense spirits. The focus on worldly affairs and use granted spells to interrogate those who have passed on.

Ceremony of Life: Inquisitors do not have the ability to perform the ceremony of life.

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