Population: 400,000
Government: Former republic, monarchy (Phthian Empire)
Capitol: Athenopolis
Languages: Ionic, Phthani (Imperial), Common
Religion: Ionian Pantheon
Currency: Imperial Crescent (10gp), Imperial Star (1gp), Imperial Spear (1sp), Imperial Sword (1cp), (Ionian currency has been melted down and converted – many old coins extant: Gold Cross (20gp), Golden Leaf (1 gp), Pegasus (1sp), Banner (1cp), Sandal 1/10th of 1cp)
Resources/Trade: TBA
Allies: TBA
Enemies: TBA

Racial Breakdown: (70% Ionian (human), 16% Phthians (human), 4% other human, 10% other)
Ruler: Emperor Calus Embrosious / Council of the Ionian Republic
Major Cities: Pallantium, Oropus, Elusis, Bxaron, Aethya, Melos, Syros, Siphnus
Important Sites:
Major Geological Features:
Mount Olympus, Mount Maenalus, Mount Atremisus, Mount Hymellus, Mount Ida, Mount Diete, Mount Leuca, Mount Anashi
Landmarks: TBA
Locales: TBA

Description: TBA
Life and Society: TBA

Towns and Villages

Aegys, Crommyon, Sidus, Aeaonides, Halmus, Solygea, Tenea, Halae, Delium, Aulis, Alea, Titane, Arharnae, Phyle, Tyrus, Aegiae, Scolus, Eleon, Decelea, Mihra, Gathaea, Selinus, Neris, Imperius, Lappa, Letoa, Polyrrhemia, Heirapytna, Araden

Ionian Weapons and Armor

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