King's High Way

Kings high wayKings high way2Kings high way3The major road system that runs between cities of the Free Kingdoms. Bridge and road tolls pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the High Way. Many sections of the High Way lie in disputed territory, and fall into disrepair as the local lords are not willing to pay for roads that they may not control. Ultimately, the High King and the High Council make rulings settling disputes over which lord is responsible for sections of the roads.

The roads between main cities, such as Montaigne and Archemaine are heavily patrolled. As major trade routes, the economies of these communities depend on the safe travel of merchant caravans. The lesser used High Ways see infrequent patrols, and brigandry and highway robbery may be more prevalent.

La Carretera del Rey is the King’s Road in Espagia.




King's High Way

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