Known Deviant Magical Systems


Summoning circleDiabolism actually takes many forms. Different practitioners approach diabolism as it comes to them. Some worship otherworldly beings as a religion. Some find ancient forbidden tomes and learn rituals from those tomes. Some seek to gain power from the fiends, some wish to summon those same creatures. Some wish to gain control over the underworld beings and use their power to forward personal goals and agendas in the mundane world.


Fey Magic

The Feywild’s inhabitants, particularly those of a civilization that stretches back for millennia (such as the eladrin), are masters of a unique form of magic known as fey magic. Many practitioners of the craft consider it less powerful than other forms of magic, seeing it as more utilitarian in nature. Even so, those who understand fey magic keep its lore and knowledge hidden from those in the world. They sometimes reward mortals who have traveled to the Feywild and performed services for them with this knowledge, which they consider a gift.

Fey Magic Gift
A fey magic gift is like a magic item in many ways. However, it occupies no magic item slot, and an individual can have and use as many fey magic gifts as he or she can acquire. Most fey magic gifts can be obtained only in the Feywild, where they often change hands as a part of a bargain between an adventurer and a powerful fey creature.

Fey magic gifts cannot be sold the way that magic items can be, for they are bestowed powers, not items. Some fey creatures might be able to remove a fey magic gift as part of a trade for some other favor.

Fey Gift – Scent of Gold
Fey Gift – Black Rider’s Boon

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Known Deviant Magical Systems

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