Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol korak Korak, God of the Forge and Artisans [NG] Lord of Wrights, Grand Wright, Forger of Souls, King of the Crucible, Master, Hammer Hand, Clever Handed. Any Hammer Earth, Fire, Artifice, Good and Rune Earth, Guardian and Champion

Korak: The god of the forge and physical labor, patron of the dwarves, Korak is one of the favorite gods of the mortal races. In his many travels with Darmon he taught the mortal races many of the practical skills, like smithing, that they use to this day. Korak is neutral good and believes that all people must work, by whatever method is available to them, to improve their world. Korak is one of the Three Companions; he is in love with Thellyne, but that love is unreciprocated. His mother is Morwyn, his father is Terak and his twin sister is Anwyn.

Great Festival of Korak

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