Population: 520,000
Government: Monarchy
Capitol: Mathawar
Languages: Kushi, Mungese, Common, Phthyan, Astorani, Norther
Religion: Boddoism, Matyanism, Pranaism.
Currency: Tetradrachm (sp), Kadphises (gp), Bronze Takto (.1 sp)(the common currency)
Resources/Trade: Textiles (cotton, silks, Patola, which is a kind of silk dyed in natural colours, tussar, jute, muslin; coloured and printed cloth material), Hardwood furniture, embellished with inlay work, Carpets, Ornamental work in cut stones, ivory, pearl and tortoise shells, Precious gems (diamonds, sapphires and rubies, finely cut), Arts and crafts items. Rice and sugar, wheat and betel leaves. Horses. Dry fruits.
Allies: Phthyan Empire, Mung Li, some Northland Kingdoms, Carpathia, Astoran.
Enemies: The Dark Hordes, some Northland Kingdoms.

Racial Breakdown: Human 89%, Drokari Halfling 3%, Elf 5%, Dwarf 1%, Gnome 1%, Other 1%
Ruler: Kujulan Radphises
Major Cities: Ayodhya, Kolhapuri, Loha, Purushapura, Sakeeth, Taxia, Beegram, Panahji
Important Sites:
The Monastery of Medicine Mountain, Arastapar Monastery
Major Geological Features:
Kumalaya Mountain Range
Landmarks: TBA
Locales: TBA


Description: The Kusharish rulers were a branch of the Moon Clan confederation, with origins tracing back to ancient Mung Li. Previously a nomadic people residing in the steppes west of the great Mung Li Wall, they moved northwest and settled in ancient Ractria. They have diplomatic contacts with the Phthyan Empire, the Astorani, many of the Northland Kingdoms and Mung Li. Much philosophy, art, and science are created within its borders.

The majority of the southern borders of Kushar are protected from the Dark Hordes by the mighty Kumalaya Mountain Range, one of the highest ranges in the world.

The rule of the Kushans link the seagoing trade of the Crystal Sea with the commerce of the The Silk Road through the long-civilized Carpathian Valley to the Aethyan Sea.
The loose unity and comparative peace of such a vast expanse encourages long-distance trade, bringing Mung silks to Phthyapolis, creating strings of flourishing urban centers.

Life and Society: TBA

Towns and Villages

Cikitsa, Sita, Pramana Koti, Dantipura, Udapana, Urjaan, Visdia, Gokarna, Prayaga, Skardu, Yayana, Ayodhya, Kuruksherta, Viswagaswa, Tosail, Manipura, Musi, Arkapuri, Dantapuri, Paudra, Sarabhanga, Alaka, Plaksha, Balipura, Lomasa, Tripuri, Village of Karmai (actually in the Hordelands)

Other Info

Monks who hail from Kushar use these weapons.

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