Lamp of Abu Al Mubarak

Magic lamp

Though the Lamp’s reaching grasp had not settled upon me for years and years, I owe my very life to the curse. Yet my salvation surely led to the doom of the others on that fateful journey. For if one, just one of them had survived, history could have known their true fate. It haunts me still, why I alone was chosen to survive that stormy night.

~ Bracken MacAllister, soul survivor of the infamous Wreck of the Caspian Jewel

The fabled lamp of Abu Al Mubarak is rumored to hold a devastating curse. Those who come in contact with the lamp, it is told, will be accursed until the end of their days. This curse manifests itself by capturing the body and soul of the accursed, transporting it seemingly randomly into and out of the lamp. Inside the lamp, it is an Alabic palace, sometimes called The Impossible Palace, and while within the lamp, the accursed want for nothing save freedom. Sumptuous food, fine drink, and many sundry entertainments are all present within. Unfortunately, it is also known that time passes differently for each creature inside the lamp. One may step out of the lamp to find centuries to have passed, and all loved ones long dead and gone.

Recently, it has been noted (by discussions and debates within the great study inside the lamp), that several of the accursed have, when they were returned to the world, in respite from the curse, been sent to a time before their own. They believe they have actually been sent backwards in time.

Such an amazing and wondrous thing is this accursed lamp!

Cursed Lamp


Lamp of Abu Al Mubarak

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