Letter from Calen 1


Yes, my friend, I say prayers. As to the worrying part, those who are worth worrying about are strong enough to take care of themselves. The others, I am certain Maal in his wisdom with choose their resting place with due diligence. Fate has little place in the hearts of the true, but I do keep you in my prayers, and may the gods give you what you need to vanquish the obstacles before you.

The oracle is a lost cause, and frankly I am surprised you still associate with her. But for you my friend, I shall utter a prayer for her… guidance.

I am unfamiliar with this Aspis group you refer to, but I shall look into it. As for Falko’s fate, your ambiguity on the matter leads me to think there were ill feelings involved. Such are matters I know well. I shall pray for Falko, as I have regularly. Of you all, I think I miss his smile the most.

Ahh, the lamp. Yes I see its graces still. I myself have visited the great palace once. Afterwards I sought out Bishop St. Johnsmythe at the Temple of the Pure Heart in Beckridge for purification. It seems to have taken, for the purple haze has not bothered me since. Honestly, I also think you better off without Cian.

I have also had no word from Kypris, although I hear the stranglehold upon her native Io by the Phthyan Empire is lessening by the year. There was a significant famine across the Caspian Sea, in Imperial occupied territories that has caused a drawing back of occupying troops.

As for Lydia, I fear there is news, and it bodes ill. During Winter Fast last Darm, the lass vanished. She did not take her belongings, and there was no sign of foul play. It is a mystery that has plagued my waking days as well as my dreams. In my dreams, she is always calling to me for help. She blames me for not keeping her safe as I had promised. We have searched the keep and countryside for her, yet none have seen her. Not one soul has seen this poor girl. I fear for her Dorak. I personally rode every road for days and days, asking at every home, hovel, church, village and farm. How can she have just vanished? She was doing quite well in her training, she was (or had said she was) very happy with her new home. She little talked of her revenge, and had finally come to understand that not only was revenge unproductive, but she was ill-suited to enact her vengeance at such a tender age. She was past such foolishness, or so I believed. Even so, I traveled to Witheridge, then to Trevor’s Hold, but none at either locale had seen her. I fear I may never know her fate. The trail was cold before I even knew she was gone.

Speaking of the others you mentioned, although your list is extensive, I will make sure to add them in a prayer or three. I am saddened at the loss of your first gift, but rejoice in the celebration of your rebirth.

You know, my friend, it is unbefitting to pray for harm to come to any of the free races, the beloved fruits of the tree. I know you are not suggesting I do this, and I hope that by penning your requests, it helps ease your heart of the burden of your anger. Let these go, as it is unworthy to hold such resentment in your heart. Nonetheless, my stalwart friend, sleep with one eye open and watch your back. It seems such villains as these do not have the capacity to let go the grudges. Such anger is a rot that spoils the fruits of goodness, let it not infest your soul, and leave theirs to The Judge of Men, Maal.

As to matters of Explorers and relics, I have put that all behind me. It is for better men such as yourself to deal with. Hence, I can offer you neither solace nor advice. You were always the expert, and far more worldly than I. I think you can trust your judgement. I, for the majority, did.

As for myself, my father has welcomed me back into the family estate, and has permitted my endeavors to erect and sanctify a shrine to The Great Church. That was occupying most of my efforts until Lydia disappeared. Since then, these past two months have passed far too quickly, and the shrine project has seen neither fruition nor significant progress.

Now that spring is upon us, it will be time for me to head unto the land, and minister to my father’s subjects, blessing and healing, instructing and counseling. Although at times I miss the adventure, I in turn do not relish the savage dangers of the lifestyle. I can help more people in this role, and for now it suits me well.

My friend, I hope this missive reaches you, and that you are hale and well and free from your bitterness. I would say my only regret in returning home is that I am not there with you to give you the council you so earnestly need.

Your friend,

Cleric Calen Fosseway of Fosse Keep Chapel (Incipient)

Dorak – Letter to Calen

Letter from Calen 1

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