The Midrealm of the Free Kingdoms

Population: 350,000
Government: Feudalistic Monarchy
Capitol: The City of Archemaine
Languages: Aenglish, Freespeak
Religion: The Great Church is the official sanctioned religion, most of the gods of the pantheon have shrines and temples scattered across the Kingdom.
Currency: The Royal Standard (10gp), The Free Crown (1gp), The Silver Shilling (1sp), The Copper Pence (1cp).
Resources/Trade: Livestock (cattle, sheep, horses), Cotton (from South Midrealm), Grain (barley, oats, wheat), Surplus Food, Cloth (cotton and wool), Ore (gems, gold, iron, pewter, silver, copper), Coal, Fruit, (dried, candied), Meat (smoked), Nuts (walnut, pecan, horse chestnut, pine nut), Metalware, Preserved Foodstuffs (meats and vegetables – dried, pickled and salted), Stone (granite, marble, slate), Wine (wine and brandy).
Allies: Alliance of the Free Kingdoms, Marak Dün
Enemies: Phthyan Empire, Nokol, The Warrens, On’ Vani Ovar

Racial Breakdown: Human 82%, Halfling 6%, Elf 3%, Dwarf 3%, Gnome 3%, Other 3%
Ruler: King Stephen of the Black Sword, the Ash Defender, of Archemaine
Major Cities: Beckridge, Leveridgeton, Petersfield, Thetford, Yeoville
Important Sites:
Cathedral of the Sacred Sorrows in Archemaine
Redhurst Academy of Magic in Archemaine
Major Geological Features:
Royal River
River Slender
Boarspire Mountains
Silver Lake
Halverson’s Lake
Slender Lake
Lake Stahl
Withered Hills
Landmarks: TBA
Locales: TBA

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