Order of the Rose and Cross

The Knightly Order of the Rose and Cross

Rose and cross badgeMany people ask, “Why is the Rose and Cross a secret society? Everyone knows who they are.”

Well, that’s not exactly the case.

The Order of the Rose and Cross is one of the most recognizable secret societies in the land, but even so, the inner workings of this knightly order are generally unknown. Their motives and policies are closely kept secrets. It is said that what the world knows about the Order is exactly what the Order wants them to know.

Some have tried to infiltrate the Order.

Twenty Five years ago, a man writing under the pseudonym “Balreaux” published a book called Revelations of the Rose and Cross. He claimed to have infiltrated the Order and gathered its secrets. Few copies of this book survive, but the basic ideas have become somewhat common knowledge. Here are some of the secrets that book revealed.

The Three Vows

Balreaux claims that the Knights take three vows when they join the Order. The first is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. The second is to bring justice to the unjust. The last is to serve the Order and those who wear the Seal. Upon the taking of each vow, a sword is held against the Knight’s throat. If the Master Knight doubts the pledge even for a moment, the sword is plunged into the initiate’s throat.

Relations Between the Knights

Balreaux also claims that the Knights are segregated into factions: those who are of the first three Ranks and the Knights of the latter three Ranks. The top Ranks are called “Magister Knights” and the lesser Ranks “Apprentice Knights.”

The Invisibles

On that note, Balreaux also claimed that there was a third faction of Knights, members that were known only to the Master of each Chapter house. These men, known only as “the Invisibles”, moved among the unknowing, influencing politics on a grand scale.

The Elixir of Life

One of Balreaux’s most fantastic claims is that the Knights possess something called “the Elixir of Life.” This magic potion bestows many powers upon the Knights, including fantastic physical prowess, the ability to speak any language fluently, and even the ability to move invisibly.




Order of the Rose and Cross

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