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Chivalrous and Military Orders

Tripartite faction devoted to freedom, liberty, and justice. Sworn to the High Crown of the Free Kingdoms.
The Iron Guard of the King of Ironfast.
King Cornag’s Guard – dedicated to the service of Cymbryrll and protectors of Carnavon.
(Ghosts) – Royal Guard of the Iron Herzog Eberhardt of Wüerzburg.
The O’Bannon’s Guard – dedicated to the service of Cymbryll and the [[The O’Bannon | O’Bannon]]
The King’s Guards (formerly the King’s Men) – Personal bodyguard of the High King of the Free Kingdoms
Knights of Evaine – chivalrous order serving the Queen of Midrealm
Unaffiliated with any nation, the Knightly Order stands for honor and justice.
Personal bodyguard of the Empereur of Juisse.
Juisse elite troops.
(The Roaring Dragons) – Royal Guard of the Herzog Osterhagen of Langenburg.
An order of former merchants, ex-pirates, knights, and ex-navel officers dedicated to eliminate piracy in the Crimson Seas.
The Steel Warriors – Royal Guard of the Herzog Nacht of Nordlingen.
The Phthyan Emperor’s elite guard.
The Swamp Dogs – Royal Guard of the Herzog Lehrer of Lehrfeld
(Black Tabards) – Renegade corps of musketeers trying to restore some order in Juisse.
(Dark Guards) – The order that protects the Ironfast province of Valcea and the Great Church.
A group of Ronin, in revolution against Ginsu’s corrupt Jade Emperor

Religious Orders

A contemplative order of the Great Church.
Holy warrior order.
The third (following the orders of Clerics and Paladins) and most prestigious holy order of the Great Church.


A world power based on capitalism, subscribing to the beliefs of equality and freedom.
Prostitute’s Guild.
Guild for ship owners and mariners. Ostensibly to protect the trade industry.
Extremely widespread, independent trade syndicate.
Subsidiary of the World Trade Consortium.
Worldwide organization dedicated to providing quality messenger services within most major cities and along trade routes everywhere.

Other Publicly Recognized Societies

Based in the Free Kingdoms with chapter houses in many nations across the world, dedicated to rediscovering the secrets of the ancient and mysterious sites.
The premiere institute of magical education in the Known Realms. Located in Archemaine, in the Midrealm Kingdom of the Free Kingdoms.
A combined effort of the Redhurst Academy and the Explorer’s Society. Teams of adventurers are sent all over the globe in search of ancient and lost magics.
One of the Largest Bardic Colleges in the Free Kingdoms. Their premier campus is located in the Free City of Montaigne.
Mode du Lac Juisse fashion elite.
The Queen’s Order of Hospitallers – founded in 1170 by Queen Sarafina of Sonesca, Espagia, but now gradually extending throughout the Free Kingdoms. Despite the name, a non-religious group.
Royal Association of Scientific Minds (formerly the Royal Fraternity of Scientific Minds) – a group dedicated to the nurturing and protection of member scholars and the sharing of knowledge.
Venerable Order of Esteemed Gentlemen – ( Juisse) Wealthy people who gamble a lot.

Secret Societies

Underground effort of halflings who strive to free other halflings from the bondage of slavery.
Phthyian agency dedicated to protect Imperial interests.
Secret Society of Druids, based in Cymbryll of the Free Kingdoms.
A Bitori inter-clan of disenfranchised warriors dedicated to the stalwart defense of Marak-Dün’s dwarven enclaves.
A principality-like alliance of pirates who dwell on a floating city in the Huge Serpent Bay.
A quasi-nation alliance of pirates, merchants of low status, the Alliance is a conduit to glory and freedom for the disaffected, the exiled, and the wildly adventurous.
A widespread network of free-thinkers and revolutionaries fighting against tyranny.
The Gypsy Rovers- A collection of wandering groups of Gypsies, the Rovers are a support network, stretching across the Free Kingdoms and beyond, offering ancient magic, modern gossip, transportation, trade goods, protection, prophecy and loyal company.
A secretive order within the Great Church, charged with seeking out and destroying diabolism and dark sorcery in whatever form it takes.
The Invisible College – a group of scholars dedicated to the advancement and safeguarding of knowledge that would be judged too dangerous by the Church or secular powers. Rumored to have close ties with a sub-sect of the Explorers Society.
The Invisibles – the secret inner circle of the Knights of the Rose and Cross.
Die Kreutzritter – the Black Crosses, protecting the Free Kingdoms from occult forces.
Los Vagos – the secret society headed by El Vago himself, dedicated to the protection of Espagia.
Clan MacNaughton – the Clan is so large, it pretty much operates as a secret society.
Novus Ordum Mundi – a group bent on taking over the Free Kingdoms.
A group allied with some Fae, dedicated to the improvement of women’s condition and to the protection of some dangerous secrets.
An international criminal guild.
A secret guild of elite assassins. Originated and based in Drusas.

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