Other Sources for Hero Token Abilities

Golden Doubloons

Golden tokenThere are several types of hero tokens that may be drawn. By far the most common are the golden doubloons.

Ability Benefit Source
Acumen Adds +8 to a roll (before the roll) Situational
Acumen (Delayed) Adds +4 to a roll (after the roll) Situational, such as Death from Above feat
Arcane Recollection Retrieve one previously cast spell Pearl of Power, Arcane Bond (Wizard)
Cheat Death Negate deadly incident Similar to Armor Enchantment: Fortification
Desperate Prayer Maximum healing result Rod of Maximize
Extra Action Take an extra move or standard action Similar to Haste spell, Boots of Speed
Fortune Reroll a d20 check Similar to Luck Domain powers
Inspiration Get hint from DM Similar to Augury and other divine divination, Oracle fortune-telling class feature
Make a Friend NPC becomes friend Similar to successful use of Diplomacy
Resilient Stabilize from dying 1
Swift Acting Act Out of Turn 1

Red Doubloons

Red tokenRed doubloons are less common, but they come with a cost. If you use them for anything other than golden doubloon copies, the DM gets to draw an extra token to use for select villains. Use red tokens only when necessary, or you’ll find yourself swarmed by enemies who get to re-roll every failed attempt to kill you!

Ability Benefit Source
Heroic Acts as one Golden Doubloon token
Incredible Heroism You may re-roll any d20 check AND add +4 to the result Similar to Oracle of Battle Battlefield Clarity revelation
Shrug It Off Ignore the damage from any non-critical hit
Tenacity Avoid a Fumble

Using Hero Tokens
Gaining Hero Tokens
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Other Sources for Hero Token Abilities

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