Phthyan Empire

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States of the Phthyan Empire

Originating from the strongholds of Phthya, this expansionist nation has conquered vast numerous lands, kingdoms, and countries, and is the most militaristically powerful Empire in the world. It is the lion of the world, relying on a strong military presence, including vast slave armies, which occupies the existing, conquered political states, enforcing Imperial rule and law.

The ideals and goals of the Emperor and his military are such that they keep an iron grip on the freedoms of other nations, including Phthya. The mindset of these peoples looks backwards in history for models of civilization, and they neither embrace nor tolerate any enlightened or forward thinking. This this culture is stagnating, and may well be on the verge of collapse.

Note: Phthya and Phthyans refer to the country and empire, respectively, where Phthian and Phthians refer to the people of those lands.

Phthian Peoples

Phthyan History

Phthyan Organization

Phthyan Government

Comitia Magi

The Prefectures, Dioecesis and Provinces

Imperial Life

Women of the Phthyan Empire

>>Human Realms of the Northeastern Continent
>>Human Realms of the Northwestern Continent
>>Human Realms of the Southern Continent



Phthyan Empire

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