Pogost Vel

Population: 237

Set at the end of a short glacier valley in the Carpathian Mountain Range, Vel is a small pogost (fort) along the The Silk Road. It is built in standard Rus form, with a central square, around which rests the most important buildings in the fortress, such as the mayor’s kremlin, the three buildings of The Great Orthodox Church, The Trader’s Pitch Inn, and several other important businesses and residences. Around this square are the homes of the wealthy and other official buildings – broadly speaking, the closer to the centre, the most prestigious.

Farther from the square, there are generous plots of land, houses with small farms or extensive gardens, spread out in a circular fashion from the center square. Two large earthen ramparts topped with palisades demarcate the boundaries of the old pogost, and the new expansion some twelve years ago. The new section of the fort is much less populated, but the engineers gave the population plenty of space to grow.

The Church in the town consists of three buildings, one of stone flanked by two smaller wooden structures. Below the stone main church and shrine is a cellar where monks of the Order of Saint Nikon reside. These monks have vowed silence during their novitiate period. This vow is lifted once they have earned their Ryassophore (Robe-bearer) tonsure, but many choose to follow St. Nikon’s tradition of quietude. The current priest is Father Pafnuti, a robust yet stern patriarch. Brother Danil assists the Father, as do the monks.

Posadnik (mayor) Vysheslav Danislavich keeps to himself most times, and leaves the running of the town to Father Pafnuti. His tysiatsky (city captain), Phoenix, is an Aegyptian who deals with most civil matters. Phoenix, and his father before him, have maintained discipline in the pogost for decades, and is also in charge of the fortress’s defenses.




Pogost Vel

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