Province of the Four Corners

Province of the Four Corners

Population: 63,000
Government: Feudalistic Confederation
Capitol: City of Montaigne
Languages: Aenglish, Cymbric, Espanish, Freespeak, Garmanic, Ironman, Juissic, Latalian, Provincial.
Religion: The Great Church is the official sanctioned religion, many of the gods of the pantheon have shrines and temples located within Montaigne.
Currency: The Royal Standard (10gp), The Free Crown (1gp), The Silver Shilling (1sp), The Copper Pence (1cp)
Resources/Trade: The Province depends nearly entirely on taxes from the supporting kingdoms. Exported items include manufactured items, tools, cloth, and wigs (which come from asylum patients, and are in high demand in Juisse.
Allies: Alliance of the Free Kingdoms, Marak Dün
Enemies: Phthyan Empire, Nokol, The Warrens, On’ Vani Ovar

Racial Breakdown: Human 89%, Halfling 2%, Elf 2%, Dwarf 4%, Gnome 1%, Other 2%
Ruler: Current High King: Durante Torregrossa (Realm of the East).
The current High Council is comprised of:
Frondrick of the Flowers (North Westerlands)
Adarra, Mistress of the Nexus ( South Westerlands)
Thomas White (Midrealm)
Amadea da Turlena (Realm of the East)
Angelique Villenevue (Juisse)
[[Diarmud O’Taidgh]] (Cymbryll)
Ritualist Kidrick of Port Fortress (The Providences)
Poncio Montero de Segundo Aquino (Espagia)
Mandrak the Black (Ironfast)

Major Cities: City of Montaigne
Important Sites:
Castle Montaigne
Cathedral of Impeccable Blessings
Royal Mint of the Free Kingdoms
Harmak Asylum
Orphanage and Chapel of the Five Fruits
Lucky Dice Tavern
The Grand Market Stadium, also used for festivals and sporting events.
Major Geological Features:
The Mount
Landmarks: TBA
Locales: TBA

Description: The Province of the Four Corners is the Capitol City of the Free Kingdoms. It is a city state unto itself, comprised of the whole of the City of Montaigne. It lies at the junction of four of the Kingdoms, The North Westerlands, The South Westerlands, Midrealm and Espagia. Originally called “Three Points,” but was renamed when the Westerlands divided.
Life and Society: TBA

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Province of the Four Corners

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