Puerto Grande

Population: 15,000

Puerto Grande is the largest port in the Espanish colonies, and certainlythe most impregnable. The city is highly fortified. The docks allow any draft ship to enter, though the coastline appears to be the aquatic equivalent of cliffs. After a few yards of rocky beaches, the ground simply… drops off. The city itself is built on a tall hill, and uses the location’s naturally defensible position to great advantage. Cliffs surround the hill on three sides, meeting the docks seamlessly. The hill slopes more gently toward the northeast, providing the only land-based access to Puerto Grande. The city has never been sacked, though several pirates tried. No pirate faction that makes such an attempt is ever welcome in Puerto Grande again, so few consider the potential worth the risk. A band of Sea Dogs tried a hit-and-run raid several years ago; the town sent them packing and the Dogs have yet to return.

Aside from the rare persona non grata, Puerto Grande is as cosmopolitan as a colonial city gets. People from all over the world pass through Marcina, stopping for fruit, rum, trade, gossip, and relaxation. As a result, the Great Port lives up to its name. Espanish passion and Erego love for debate combine to make devastating local hagglers, and some of the canniest merchants this side of the Alabic Empire call Puerto Grande home.

A permanent naval presence helps keep the peace in Puerto Grande, along with numerous guards and a surprisingly large number of fortification weaponry. By law, Puerto Grande must have three ships in residence, and the preferred defense is five ships-of-the-line. Crews often compete for the right to be stationed at Puerto Grande with its many delights. Currently, two ships-of-the-line and two frigates defend the island, as well as assisting convoys to the Tortugan Islands and hunting pirates in the region. The sailors defend the city enthusiastically, whether on the docks or at sea.

Finally, the city houses the only real university beyond The Free Kingdom‘s shores. La Universitad de Puerto Grande is home to several decent teachers, and many travel from the Free Kingdoms to enjoy the university’s beautiful locale and unique perspective.

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Puerto Grande

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