Province of QinHo

Capitol: JinXian (192,589)
Notable Settlements: Shenliang (8,227), Loyiang (12,119), Hui-Ling (6,529), Chiang Yuan (5,490), Tung Han (12,876)
Ruler: King Huet
Government: Hereditary monarchy
Major Races: Mungese Humans
Languages: Mungese
Religion: TBA
Currency: TBA
Resources/Trade: TBA
Allies: Shindo, Ginsu, Kushar, Mondbad
Enemies: The Great Hordes, Dōngjì de Jìngjiè, Yáng Jin Yong

Important Sites:
Major Geological Features:
Forest of Spirits
Landmarks: Wall of Heaven, The Great Wall
Locales: TBA

Description: QinHo is one of three provinces comprising the Huo Héguāng Empire (Empire of Fire and Light). It is the richest province in the kingdom, due to the great trade from both the north and the south spurs of The Silk Road. More TBA
Life and Society: TBA

Towns and Villages

Paiwang, Gun, Shichung, Mulwan, Min Yu, Lung Jeh.

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