Realm of the East


Population: 523,000
Government: Feudalistic Monarchy
Capitol: The City of Venchenzia
Languages: Latalian, Freespeak, Ionian, Phthian, Common
Religion: The Great Church is the official sanctioned religion, most of the gods of the pantheon have shrines and temples scattered across the Kingdom.
Currency: The Royal Standard (10gp), The Free Crown (1gp), The Silver Shilling (1sp), The Copper Pence (1cp). Additionally, each major city mints their own coinage, and those coins are restricted to the provinces in which they are declared valid. It is regularly common that the coins of one city, such as the Rimini Lira, would never be accepted in Pedua. Although by law of the High King of the Free Kingdoms, the official minted Free Crown is to be accepted as common and valid currency, there are many establishments that will not accept such coinage. These establishments are in contract to either the moneychanger’s guilds, or perhaps a criminal faction who will profit by exchanging currency. Such practices are very common throughout the Realm of the East.
Resources/Trade: Shipbuilding, ore mining, agriculture, livestock, crafted items, luxury items. The Realm of the East is a gateway to the Free Kingdoms. From Io and ports along the Aegean and Caspian seas the Easterners have established major trade routes linking them with the Free Kingdoms. They import precious metals, silks and other luxuries from across the Caspian Sea, delivered there along the Silk Road, inland, where they pick up wool, coal, and timber for the return voyage. Iron, copper and lead are taken across the sea as well, and in return, they bring back wine, oil and salt. The Eastern merchants have developed an insidious and complex system of banking, which began with moneylenders who did business on benches, and grew rich on the interest they charged for their services. Eventually many banks sprung into existence, where they continue to gouge both rich and poor alike with their usury fees.
Allies: Alliance of the Free Kingdoms, Io, Boeotia.
Enemies: Phthyan Empire

Racial Breakdown: Human 87%, Halfling 5%, Elf 2%, Dwarf 1%, Gnome 1%, Other 4%
Ruler: Re (King) Johannes Nicola Bernardigio IV
Major Cities: Macerata, Rimini, Pedua, Scarparla, Ferrara, Arezzo, Calanzaro
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Realm of the East

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