Religions of CRIMSON SKIES


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Religion permeates all aspects of life in the world. Whether you are a commoner or a noble, a hermit or a city dweller, a member of a remote barbarian tribe or a scholar at the finest university, the divine powers that created the world and continuously shape its destiny will have a direct impact on your life. Both on a personal level and in the political arena, religion to a large part drives the societies of the world. Even though some people may chose to avoid interaction with the churches and gods as much as possible, nobody denies the fact that the gods are always close.

Religion of the Free Kingdoms

Note: The religious pantheon of the Free Kingdoms in the CRIMSON SKIES campaign is taken from two distinct sources and blended together to create a rich and unique system. The pantheon of gods, The Churches dedicated to them, the cosmology, myths and Church Orders all come from Green Ronin’s The Book of the Righteous. The concept of the Maker’s Gifts, the Initiated, Shrines and Nexuses are from Living Imagination Inc.’s Twin Crowns campaign setting. These have been blended to provide a complete pantheon, full of life and breadth with this campaign setting. The lives of each mortal, faithful or not, is affected by the struggles of the gods, and the gift that The Nameless One gave to the five sacred races of the tree.

Religion of the Phthyan Empire

Religions of Other Regions (Human)

Religions of the Demi-Humans

Religions of the Lesser Races



Religions of CRIMSON SKIES

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