Santa Lorena

Population: 5,000

Two cities bracket Marcina’s sugar fields. One handles shipment by land, the other by sea. Santa Lorena, inaccessible to anything larger than a longboat due to the reefs, is responsible for getting the sugar to Puerto Grande.
If any location on Marcina earns its reputation as an island paradise, it is Santa Lorena. White, sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. The geography guarantees that both days and nights are comfortable year round. The winds, typically from the east, break storms against the tall cliffs on the other side of the island, leaving gentle rains for Santa Lorena. The water is clear, simply placid, and the reefs keep unpleasant predators at bay. The natives long depend upon a device called a snorkel to breathe, swim peacefully, and enjoy the vibrant life along the shore. This meditative pastime is popular among the tourists as well.

The city’s one difficulty arises from the recent crisis in her sister city, Santa Valeria. With the former governor raising as much havoc as he can there, disrupting traffic flow and interfering with business, Don Tomás recently moved to Santa Lorena and has helped deal with "refugees” coming from Santa Valeria,but no one’s happy with the situation. Don Tomás, in particular, would much rather be in Puerto Grande dealing with the current governor.

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Santa Lorena

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