Smriti's Journal Entry 12

For the 2nd time in my life I find myself on a ship. The first day, I was so exhausted, I don’t really remember much. We were given the rules…pretty much, “don’t cause any trouble” and shown around then, after some shopping at the market we set sail. My new things are a bit more colorful than I would prefer, but otherwise, fairly nice. I also managed to find a kit so that I can make a new head piece. The voyage has gone really well so far. The 1st day we all were able to catch up on some much needed rest, and the days that followed have been very smooth sailing and calm waters. I have been able to get a start on replacing my head piece. It may not be as nice as the one that got destroyed, but I am finding solace in the hours spent working the gold chain and jewels.

Its funny… I sit here writing in my new journal, but I really miss having someone to write to. Initially these journals were to be turned into lectures for my fellow monks back home. I remember at the monastery, the excitement that was caused when monks would come home after their travels…the stories they would tell planted the seeds of adventure in me…

Now I continue to write these journals knowing there is no monastery to go back to, no one that really cares about my adventures, no one to teach the lessons I have learned to…

I have managed to make a few “friends” in my travels… wonder if any of them would mind a letter or two, who to write? There was Charles, who we met in Castillo Grande. We hit it off pretty well. There is always Stareg, we spent a lot of time together and when we parted he even offered to to let me tag along with him. He was quite a comfort to me in those dark jungle days and nights. Wonder if either of these guys would even remember me if they got a letter… Worth a shot, maybe…

Smriti’s Journal

Smriti's Journal Entry 12

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