Smriti's Journal Entry 2

I have been very lax in my journaling of late, but if I keep waiting for a good time, I might as well quit. I don’t think my sisters back home would be very happy with me if I showed up empty handed. My new travel companions are keeping me quite busy. I have done and seen things that I never would have, or even could have imagined. I will stick to the highlights here as there is some of it I really wish never to relive. So, down to it…

There was a sea journey soon after I met this crew. The captian was female, which is strange enough, but this boat was peopled and crewed by, well they were gentlemen (or at least they played that part well). My companions needed to perform a bit of magic, that frankly I did not want to be any part of but, they had allowed me to accompany them and I feel that I owe them something. All I had to do was befriend a man to borrow his coat. I was fearful at 1st, especially as this was back when I was still recovering from my time in the lamp (not to mention I was battling seasickness). I was quite pleasantly surprised by our conversation. We shared stories and his intentions were entirely honorable. We remained friends for the rest of the voyage. And, while I know we will not meet again, he really helped ease my transition (both the voyage into the ever increasing heat and humidity of the south, and my re-acclimating to life outside the lamp)

The end of our sea journey began THE LONGEST DAY EVER!!! We docked in a place call Blood Eye. We are tasked with a seemingly impossible mission of acquiring and bringing supplies to a jungle dig site, under siege. We were also to make a couple of contacts in the city, all of this while trying to remain inconspicuous. We failed miserably at remaining out of trouble, but managed to get the rest done. there were giant ants, tigers falling from the sky, a giant monster accidentally conjured by a witch, and wave after wave of people trying to kill us.

The only good thing to come out of this place is meeting Starig. He is a priest of some sort and for some reason took to our group. This turned out to be very good on our part as he saved all of our lives on many occasions. He is a kind soul who reminds me of my father. Maybe we don’t agree on everything but he has taken me under his wing (or very stout arm, as the case may be) and I feel safer with him around. He is a very devout man, without being condemning to those of us who are not “of the tree”. He has reminded me that I have been less than devoted to my prayers and meditation than I should. I must remedy this.

He is going to accompany us to the dig site (despite his better judgement I think). We set out with Aspis on our tail and seemingly have been betrayed by Zomos the rat. Pity- I was rather fond of him. He has taken our supplies, our only hope is that he has taken them on ahead to the dig site. We are riding to catch up.

I am writing this while I am supposed to be on watch so I better wrap up and pray that, in this climate, my words don’t fade from the page, or the the paper doesn’t disintegrate. I am feeling a bit dragged along, I hope to be able to take some charge of my own destiny soon…

Smriti’s Journal

Smriti's Journal Entry 2

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