Smriti's Journal Entry 3

We thought, before we docked in Bloodeye that getting the supplies and getting out of town would be the easy part of our mission. Given our troubles in town we all hoped, at least the journey to the dig site would be uneventful. I am beginning to think that “uneventful” is too much to ask with this group; “survival” seems a better fit.

Once in the Jungle we were attacked by yet another band of Aspis thugs. THey seem to be suspiciously persistant, we were out of the city, was that not enough? Good news, we did meet up with Zomos and the supplies. The former was tied to the latter and both were about to be hoisted down a cliff by a witch and her band of, yet more, Aspis. With a bit of luck we managed to get out of that and two more attacks before we get to the site. In one encounter I surprised myself a bit at the rage in me when I saw Stareg nearly killed. It did me, nor him, any good and nearly got me killed. But I find that I have quite a fondness for this man. Maybe it is the girl in me, who misses her father that draws me to him…I dont know. And, I know that I cannot offer much but I will defend him to my, or his last breath.

We have just been given a tour of the dig site that has been our goal for so many days. It is indeed in dire shape. The defenders descended upon the food wagon, and none can blame them as they look as they have not had a decent meal in some time. We are being asked to investigate the ruins that have been uncovered. I can only hope to survive this and get out of this god-forsaken jungle.

Smriti’s Journal

Smriti's Journal Entry 3

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