Description: PCR standard sorcerer modified as follows:

SorcerorRegions: There seem to be more sorcerers in lesser civilized countries than in advanced nations, but every kingdom produces sorcerers, as the bloodline powers manifest no matter where one is born. Some cultures believe the manifestation of sorcerous powers a result of direct lineage from powerful beings, such as gods or demons. These cultures revere sorcerers, or persecute them, depending on the beliefs of the specific peoples.

Recharge: In addition to the normal requirements for the daily readying of spells, sorcerers also gain benefits when they recharge their spells at a magical nexus.

Ritual Magic: Sorcerers may learn ritual magic. Arcane Ritual is a class skill. To do so they must purchase ranks in the Arcane Ritual skill, which is a class skill for them.

Available Classes




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