The Black Cloak

The black cloakThe Grand Inquisitor of Venchenzia, chief official of the Condottieri Regale. Appointment to the office of The Black Cloak is a term for the rest of the officer’s life, and the selected noble gives up family, name, and titles for the office, known (and feared) evermore as The Black Cloak.

The Black Cloak’s primary function is to deal with threats to state security. The Inquisitor is given equal authority to that of the Mayor and the entire Council of Ten, and has the authority to try and convict those accused of treason independently of the mayor, council, or king. To further these activities, the office of the Black Cloak, Inquisitors past, have created a large network of spies and informants, both in Venchenzia and abroad.




The Black Cloak

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