The Grande Tower

The grande towerA site to be feared, the Grande Tower is where important prisoners are taken for questioning, and punishment as well. Prisoners here do not have rights, for only those on suspicion of treason are brought here, but it is surprising what passes for treason in Venchenzia.

The topmost floors are for the offices of The Black Cloak and his officials. The middle towers are the interrogation rooms, which are unpleasant and drafty during the winter. Prisoners feel the Venchenzian heat during the summer when these cells become akin to ovens. The ground floor holds barracks for the Condottieri Regale and other lesser officers.

By far the worst places in the Grande Tower are the cellars. They extend well below sea level, and are usually covered in a layer of wet filth. It is the cellars where certain prisoners are taken, often left there until they are forgotten. It is rumored that the cellars have been enchanted with a soul barrier. The story goes that those who die in the cellars of the Tower are doomed, their spirits cannot escape the walls, and thus upon their death, they are unable to seek out a shrine, and their tortured souls become trapped forever in that horrific place.




The Grande Tower

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